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Great Things To Do When Conditions Are Poor

We are in the tweens -- the period between sunspot highs and lows. This is when the high bands are poor and unpredictable and the low bands have yet to come into their own.
So what's a DXer to do?

Plan a DXpedition -- What Happens If?

Glenn Johnson WØGJ

Save Puerto Rico One QSO at a Time

Val Hotzfeld NV9L

Go to an Island -- Baker Island

Don Greenbaum N1DG

Plan Your Year -- Propagation Update

Carl Luetzelchwab K9LA

FT8 DXpediton Mode --
Will DXing Ever Be the Same

Ned Stearns AA7A

Everything I Ever Needed To Know About Amateur Radio I Learned From My Elmer – And Other Popular Myths

Dan Henderson N1ND

Kosovo Became a New DX Entity
Jan 21, 2018 and How I Got There

Jim Fenstermaker K9JF

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