W9DXCC is an
ARRL approved
Operating Specialty Convention

Registration Ticket Orders

NOTE: All banquet orders must be made by end of day Tuesday September 10.
Banquet orders will not be available after 9/10.
All other online orders must be made via Paypal by end of day Wednesday September 11.
After September 11, registration and payment for Friday Contest U/DX U and
Saturday Convention may be made at the door


Contest University and DX University

Contest U and DX-U will run concurrently from 8:30a–4:30p Friday Sept. 13. You may attend classes in either track. Attendees will receive a pizza lunch. Registration fee is $40.

Convention ONLY

Includes admission to the convention, which runs from 9am to 5pm Saturday Sept. 14, all the forums, vendor displays and door prize registration. Registration fee is $55.

Convention AND Banquet

Includes admission to the Saturday convention, all the forums, vendor displays and door prize registration, PLUS the Saturday night banquet. Convention and banquet is $107.
(Note: ALL banquet orders must be received by Tuesday September 10)

Banquet Menu Choices

All menu choices include salad and dessert

Oven Roasted French Chicken
Peppercorn-Crusted Prime Sirloin Steak
Pan-Seared Salmon with Shrimp & Scallops

Guest Banquet Registration

Banquet tickets are not sold separately - guest banquet tickets are available only for Convention attendees.

Banquet Guest prices:
Chicken, Prime Sirloin, or Salmon - $52

Raffle Tickets for DXpedition Funding

Raffle tickets for Icom IC-7300 to assist DXpedition funding may be purchased in advance for $5 each. * Note: SATURDAY CONVENTION ATTENDANCE IS REQUIRED TO PURCHASE RAFFLE TICKETS *
Raffle tickets may also be purchased at W9DXCC.

To Order


To place your order via Paypal, please click here.

Your Paypal receipt will be your confirmation, or if registering by mail, you will receive a payment confirmation by email. Your ticket will be held for pickup at the registration counter at the convention site.

IF PAYING BY CHECK OR MONEY ORDER - please download an order form here.

(NOTE: If paying by mail, there will be a delay in your name appearing below, depending on processing time. If you have any question about receipt of funds, please email K9OR.)

Register Now! We look forward to seeing you at W9DXCC!

DXers and contesters who have registered for W9DXCC 2019 as of August 25:

AA5UK  Adrian KC9CDW  Gary W0VTT  Mike
AA9A  Tom KC9EOQ  Dean W1RFI  Ed
AB9YC  Anthony KC9FSU  Michelle W3ACO  Rich
AC9RQ  Fred KC9LWX  Tamie W8CZN  Jim & Barbara
AC9SD  Edward KC9USC  Robert W9AP  Bob
AD9I  Ron KC9WPS  Scott W9BEA  Wally
AE9YL  Vicky KC9YL  Anne W9CLA  Craig
AI9L  Jess KD9GY  Jim W9CY  Jaye
K4MVO  Stephie KE9V  Jeff & Brenda W9DEY  Dave
K5FLU  Martin KF9US  Phil W9EWZ  Bob
K5SDR  Gerald KH6XH  Roy W9FY  Olaf
K6XX  Bob KJ9B  Ken & Carol W9HI  Denny
K8PT  Peter KK9H  Don W9IE  Ken
K9ARZ  Larry KN9P  Michael W9ILY  John
K9AY  Gary KO8SCA  Adrian W9JA  Dick
K9BBQ  Matt KW0J  Gary W9JGH  Jim
K9CT  Craig KY0Q  Rick W9JJB  Bill
K9DXA  Harry KZ9DX  Zygmunt W9LR  Billy
K9EL  John N2BJ  Barry W9LU  Gordon
K9FE  Mike N5QH  Dale W9MK  Mike
K9FN  Dave N6HC  Arnie W9MU  Jack
K9GS  Gary N7US  Jim W9NXM  Joel
K9GY  Eric N8YP  Jeremy W9OD  Craig
K9IR  Paula N9AOL  Gary W9OP  Mark
K9JKM  JoAnne N9AU  Ron W9QL  Dave
K9KE  John N9BOR  Mike W9QLT  Caron
K9KM  Howie N9CDX  Bill W9RN  Noll
K9LA  Carl N9ELF  Jim W9RY  Thomas
K9LC  Chuck N9EP  Ed W9SUB  Bill
K9MK  Mike N9FN  Dave W9VA  Bill
K9MM  John N9IO  Clay W9VNE  Jim
K9MMS  Gary N9JA  Ray W9WJ  Al & Jean
K9NB  Nick N9LB  Lloyd W9WU  Jim
K9NR  Don N9LJX  Scott W9XA  Kermit
K9NU  Paul N9MBR  Bob W9XT  Gary
K9OR  Randy N9NL  Neil W9XY  Bob
K9OW  William N9OK  Joe W9ZCL  Bill
K9PL  Philip N9TK  Jim W9ZJ  Bill
K9PPY  Jim N9UA  Mike WA9AQN  John
K9PY  Jerry ND9G  Mike WA9BZW  Al
K9QJ  Dwight & Jane NE4EI  Dave WA9FVP  Jack
K9RZ  Doug NE9A  Mel WA9GQK  Ed & Susan
K9SE  Jim NF9V  Rudy WA9MAG  Larry & Dee
K9SS  Norb NI0G  Udo WA9YKK  Dan
K9TX  Ed NK9O  Joe WB9EDP  Harry
K9WA  Jim NO0B  Jim WB9HGN  Nancy
K9WD  Steve NS9I  Dwight WB9MYH  Mike
KA9CFD  Jay NY9H  Bill WB9OVV  John
KA9IUC  Todd VE3CFK  Chet WB9QIU  Donna
KA9KBD  Vic W0GJ  Glenn WB9Z  Jerry
KA9VMD  Jerry W0JM  Jeffrey WD9ABG  Marty
KB0TQD  Steve W0LEN  Lyn WO9S  Jon
KB9DVC  Gehl W0TLX  Bob WW9R  Pat
KC9ARP  Michaline