2021 Programs

The programs for 2021 are still being assembled. So that you may have an idea of the types of programs we typically put forth, we have left the 2019 schedule for review.

2021 Programs

ARRL Forum

Kermit Carlson (W9XA) and others will host a forum on events at ARRL HQ, as well as field questions from the audience.

VP8PJ South Orkney Islands

Gene Spinelli (K5GS) will present on the trip to South Orkney as VP8PJ.

2019 Programs

V84SAA Sultanate of Brunei

Adrian Ciuperca (KO8SCA) will speak about the V84SAA DXpedition

VP6D Ducie Island

Arnie Shatz (N6HC) will speak about the VP6D DXpedition to Ducie island

2-4-6-8 How Our Signals Propagate

Carl Luetzelschwab (K9LA) provides a detailed explanation of the propagation of our signals during solar cycle low points.

Low Band Receive Antennas for Small Spaces

Gary Breed (K9AY) shows that even those without a country estate can still hear better on the low bands.

The Future of Amateur Radio Equipment

Ed Hare (W1RFI) speaks about the future of radio equipment, from his experience as the ARRL Lab Manager.

DX Marathon

John Sweeney (K9EL) provides an overview of the annual DX Marathon. A program designed to keep DXers coming back for more.

ARRL Forum

A panel will discuss ongoing topics from the ARRL, as well as answer questions from the audience.

Speakers include:
Kermit Carlson (W9XA)
Carl Luetzelschwab (K9LA)
Jim O’Connell (W9WU)

Banquet Speaker

Martin Jue (K5FLU) will discuss the early days of MFJ