2023 Programs

The following programs have been confirmed for W9DXCC 2023. This final schedule may not have them in this order.

FT8WW Crozet DXpedition Summary – The Iron Man

Paul Granger, F6EXV will provide a review of the challenges and results of the FT8WW operation by Thierry Mazel, F6CUK. This was a three month long, single operator effort. Via ZOOM, live from France.

Cycle 25 Progress

Carl Luetzelschwab, K9LA applies his expertise in analysis and outlook as Cycle 25 continues to provide improved band conditions.egins to ramp up.

The K9CT LUSO Tower Project

Craig Thompson, K9CT reports on the progress and current status of his latest tower project, a 150′ LUSO now going into its third year since inception. The tower is topped by a 3-el 80M Yagi.

ARRL Forum

ARRL Division Director Carl Luetzelschwab, K9LA leads a panel of ARRL personnel in this annual discussion of activity from the League and taking questions from the audience.

The DX Marathon

A report from the new leadership by Mark Wohlschlegel, WC3W on the increasing participation in the DX Marathon, the year long event begun and managed originally by John Sweeney, K9EL.

DXpeditioning with a RIB

Don, N1DG, will go through the genesis of the RIB (Rig in a Box) from the 2018 Baker Island expedition to implementation on C6AGU, FO/N1DG and the recently completed VP6A DXpedition to Ducie Island.

Banquet Keynote Speaker

Glenn Johnson, W0GJ – “Three Questions”. Attend to find out what the three questions and their answers are. Glenn will speak from his extensive experience as a DXpeditioner.