We would like to take a moment to thank all of the volunteers that have made this event possible.

Convention Chair

Ed Schumacher WA9GQK

Assistant Convention Chair

Mike Urso K9FE

Master of Ceremonies Morning Session & Banquet

Kermit Carlson W9XA

Master of Ceremonies Afternoon Session

Craig Thompson K9CT


Paul DeFelice K9NU

Prize Committee Chair

Bob Ronk W9AP

Prize Committee Assistant Chair


Prize Committee


Online Registration

Mike Ricketts W9MR
Patrick Skerrett W9PDS

On-Site Registration Chair

Bill Ahillen W9JJB

On-Site Registration

Bill Ahillen W9JJB
Mel Marcus NE9A


Mike Ricketts W9MR
Patrick Skerrett W9PDS

Audio Visual Production

Mike Urso K9FE
Denny Barfuss W9HI


Ed Picha N9EP
Craig Thompson K9CT


John McCormick K9KE

Printed Program

Todd Benson W9YK

Convention Floor Raffle Ticket Sales


Convention Photography

Mike Kelly W9MK

Hospitality Suites

Friday Evening (NIDXA) Cedrick (CJ) Johnson WT2P
Saturday Evening (GMDXA) Gary Sutcliffe W9XT

Thank you to the NIDXA, Metro DX Club and GMDXA members for their invaluable assistance