2021 Schedule of Events

Friday, September 10

DX University and Contest University will run concurrently on Friday. You may attend session in either university. Morning coffee will be provided, as will a pizza luncheon at 12:00 PM.

2021 University Schedule

Morning coffee courtesy of Metro DX Club

DX University
8:30 Introduction Ed Schumacher WA9GQK
9:00 Understanding Propagation in Preparation for Cycle 25 Carl Leutzelschwab K9LA
10:00 First Tower, Lessons Learned John McCormick K9KE
11:00Lightening Protection for the Radio AmateurLloyd Berg N9LB
1:00DXCC and FT8Anthony Willard AB9YC
2:00Operating Practices and Etiquette for DX’ersBernie McClenny
3:10Ground Screens As a Replacement or Addition to Radial Systems for
Rob Sherwood NC0B
4:00Conclusion/Q&A Ed Schumacher WA9GQK
Contest University
8:30 IntroductionCraig Thompson K9CT
9:00 VHF Contesting Bob Striegl K2DRH
10:00 Before the Chair: Setting Your Goals Anthony Willard AB9YC
11:00 In the Chair: Operating the Contest Craig Thompson K9CT
12:00 Lunch
1:00 Beyond the Chair: Analyzing Your Log Mike Ricketts ND9G
2:00 Contest Propagation Carl Leutzelschwab K9LA
3:00RTTY Contesting Tim Gennett K9WX
4:00Conclusion/Q&A Craig Thompson K9CT

Saturday, September 11

2021 Program Schedule

Morning coffee & pastries courtesy of Icom America

8:00 AMDoors Open/Registration
9:00 AMOpening RemarksKermit Carlson W9XA
9:15 AMClub LogMichael Wells G7VJR (via Zoom)
10:00 AMDoor PrizesKermit Carlson W9XA
10:30 AMDXpeditons and the DoctorArnie Shatz N6HC
11:15 AMHomebrewing High Power HF Solid State AmplifiersDon Solberg K9AQ (via Zoom)
12:00 PMLunch BreakOn your own
1:00 PMDoor PrizesCraig Thomson K9CT
1:15 PMARRL ForumCarl Luetzelschwab K9LA
1:45 PMVP8PJ South Orkney IslandsGene Spinelli K5GS
2:30 PMStaying Safe in the World of Amateur Tower WorkJim Idelson K1IR
3:15 PMDoor PrizesCraig Thompson K9CT
3:30 PMBreak
3:45 PMTransceiver Performance for the HF Contest & DX OperatorRob Sherwood NC0B (via Zoom)
4:30 PMDoor Prizes, Raffles Prizes, and Closing RemarksCraig Thompson K9CT
5:00 PMCW Pile-Up ContestMike McGirr K9AJ & John Holmes W9ILY
5:30 PMReception
7:00 PMBanquetKeynote Speaker: Dave Minster NA2AA